TC’s Best Town Tournament – The Palouse

Five Weeks!  One Champion!  What’s the best small town in the Inland Northwest!  You’ll decide.  Listen to TC on Matchup Mondays to nominate your town!  Then you vote, and the weekly winners advance to the regional tournament!

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Week Of June 11th
Best Town On The Palouse

Seeds (Based On Your Nominations)
1 Colfax
2 St. John
3 Freeman
4 Odessa
5 Colton
6 Palouse

Colfax – Bye
St. John – Bye

Monday, June 11
Odessa vs. Palouse
Winner: Palouse

Tuesday, June 12
Freeman vs. Colton
Winner: Colton

Wednesday, June 13
St. John vs. Palouse
Winner: Palouse

Thursday, June 14
Colton vs. Colfax
Winner: Colfax

Friday, June 15
Colfax vs. Palouse
Winner: Palouse